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ForeCastSM Project Management

You’ve done everything right – so far. Yet, even an outstanding business strategy with a well-crafted plan and excellent funding can fall apart if the implementation isn’t properly managed. Annona Enterprises’ ForeCast process will add the resources you need to make your plan a reality.Just
as an award-winning director casts the characters, arranges the set, and
stages the play for perfect delivery, Annona helps clients get the delivery
of their plan “just right”.

The ForeCast process helps entrepreneurs:

  • Develop a schedule, timeline, list of milestones, deliverables, and necessary resources for the initiatives that come out of their strategic plan.
  • Implement their strategic plan without diverting staff from core business operations.
  • Achieve results faster, decrease risk and improve cash flow. .

The Annona Advantage

  • Implementation proceeds smoothly from the business plan. The same quantitative analysis that drives the business plan helps establish the foundation for sound decision making throughout the execution process.
  • The process of developing a work plan, however fun or creative, is based on data, as well as inspiration.
  • The established discovery phase uncovers challenges before they become show-stoppers.


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