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What We Do

Annona Enterprises is a strategic advisory for companies under $100 million in annual revenues. Part oracle, part business consultant, we see the future potential of your business and make it happen.

Our experience and exclusive framework help you plan for success. And our project management skills help you assemble the funds, business processes and people to grow your business faster and more successfully.

Annona Enterprises intense, bottom-line focus from business concept through operational implementation validates and evaluates business opportunities before you commit time, staff or money. We then work with your organization to ensure fully integrated, success-oriented results.

Annona's resources include an integrated team of top-tier investment, financial, legal, marketing and other service providers. This team of experts works together to deliver targeted results that remain consistently in line with both short-term and long-term business goals.

Our services include:

ForeSight™ Business Planning
The process of developing the business plan and financials

ForeTell™ Investment Support
The process of developing the compelling story for potential

ForeShadow™ Performance Management
The process of monitoring the business plan to troubleshoot and ensure goals are met.

ForeCast™ Project Management
The process of putting in place and managing the people,
systems and funds to manage projects resulting from the company's strategic plan.


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